Discover Mindfulness in WA

One step on the path to developing Mindfulness…

You have found us because you are searching for:

  • freedom from stress and anxiety
  • greater peace and calmness
  • increased flexibility and strength
  • greater meaning in your life
  • a way to be centred and true to yourself

Sick of self-improvement approaches that give you another reason to feel inadequate?

So are we! Let’s start from the basis that you already have what you need. This is quite a challenge in the modern world filled with tests, exams and performance reviews, where the possibility of failure confronts us throughout life.

We would like to accompany you as you cultivate the inner resources to flourish in this busy world. Our approach integrates the mind, the body and the heart: It is embodied mindfulness and heartfelt mindfulness.

We understand that you are interested in an approach which is grounded in research. Our founder, Dr Kathryn Choules, is certified to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through the medical school of the University of Massachusetts.

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The growing evidence base for mindfulness based approaches is impressive. Studies in top scientific journals report physical and mental health benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, improving irritable bowel syndrome, reducing choronic pain and improving quality of sleep. More information is available on the Physical and Mental Health Benefits Fact Sheet.

Browse through the offerings on the right. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an evidence-based approach to responding to the stress and strain of modern living and improving your physical and mental well-being. It is a course which requires serious commitment from you with daily practice, weekly classes and a 1-day retreat.

Less intense but of great benefit are the Mindfulness – From the Inside Out Classes which combine body-based stretching and relaxation with Mindfulness practices and meditations designed to cultivate positive emotions. Other options include Personal Mindfulness Sessions for those prefering individual support and tailor made professional development for Organisations. Our programmed courses are held in Perth, Western Australia. We are available for travel.

For your wellbeing and that of your workplace – contact us to discuss a personal mindfulness session, course or workplace group training.

Mind and Movement WA has changed my life in a much needed positive direction. Learning about mindfulness techniques and utilising them have provided me with new coping tools for stressful changes in my life. 

When all other methods have had limited success (to assist me with symptoms of IBS), I can attest to the fact that mindfulness has personally had positive results, given me the confidence to enjoy life and the courage to tackle new challenges and stresses.

The facilitator Kathryn creates such a warm, welcoming and safe environment whereby the importance of ‘no judgement’ is always encouraged and promoted.  

Witnessing and joining other attendees as they progressed from scepticism to loving kindness was rewarding in itself.

Michelle – public servant

Through many weeks of practice and learning to be more present in the moment, I’ve been able to let go of a lot of anxiety, let the positive and negative just be and I’ve been able to appreciate the amazing journey that is life.

Kristie – Rehabilitation Counsellor

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