Mindfulness and the planet

“Could you please put the bread in a paper bag and not a plastic bag?” The local bakery I go to has both paper and plastic available, but their default is to use the plastic bag. If I am caught up in my thoughts rather than present and aware, I end up with another plastic … Read more

The judgemental mind

If you stand back and observe your thoughts during an average day, most of us will see a fair share of self-judgement, as well as judgement of others. Our minds can be pretty quick to form conclusions of something (or someone) as good/bad, right/wrong etc. “He’s annoying!” or “This will never work out!” for example. … Read more

Working with Impulses, Urges and Cravings

This morning as I was meditating, I was grabbed by an impulse to get up before the meditation had finished. There was energy in that impulse as it attempted to propel my body away from meditation and into the tasks of the day. Impulses, urges and cravings are interesting phenomena to explore as we cultivate … Read more