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Free resources to develop your individual mindfulness

free mindfulness resources

Thank you for your interest in our work at Mind and Movement. Here are some resources to support you develop your personal mindfulness. You can cultivate mindfulness through formal and informal practice. The focused practice of formal mindfulness meditation builds understanding and mental discipline. Informal practice applies mindfulness to daily life. Together they support the cultivation of thoughtful responses to the challenges of life and enhance your wellbeing. It is also helpful to get the support of a qualified and experienced teacher. Find out more about our Perth based mindfulness programs listed on the right hand side of the page and sign up just below for monthly updates.

Formal mindfulness meditation practice

Formal practice is done at a time and in a place where you can be by yourself and with yourself fully. This means turning off the phone and letting others in the house know that you will be unavailable for a period of time. Make yourself comfortable with a posture that brings together balance, alertness and relaxation. Here are two recordings of guided mindfulness meditations that are suitable either to start a formal mindfulness routine or to maintain an existing practice.

NOTE: To download the recordings please use Chrome or Explorer. You can listen to them directly from Mozilla Firefox but it is at times temperamental with the download function.

15 minute body scan

This practice is a great foundation for mindfulness using the body and body sensations as the anchor for attention.


15 minute – Awareness of breath and sounds


15-minute – Awareness of breath, thoughts and emotions


3-minute breathing space

This short mindfulness practice was developed at Oxford University as part of the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy program. Once you have internalised the steps you can practice it several times a day without needing the recording.


Here are some short 5-minute practices:

Tuning in to the body (5 min)


Meditation on touch and sounds (5 min)


Guided meditations – cultivating beneficial emotions

12 minute loving kindness meditation

This short meditation is designed to cultivate the positive emotion of kindness. It focuses on generating loving kindness for oneself. Check out this article for information on the benefits of loving kindness practice.


20 minute equanimity meditation

This equanimity practice supports the cultivation of openness, balance and peace amidst the challenges of this life.


18 minute compassion practice

This compassion practice focuses primarily on offering compassion to oneself. Please take the opportunity to extend compassion to anyone you know who is suffering and also those you don’t know.


Informal Mindfulness Practices

Informal Mindfulness Practices use our everyday activities and tasks as a way to cultivate present moment awareness. Informal practice is an important compliment to formal mindfulness meditation practice. Undertaking a task mindlessly is something we all know. Our body might be here doing the task, but our thoughts have us somewhere else – in the past, the future, fantasy land… Choosing to be present and aware when doing our daily tasks rather than operating on auto-pilot is one aspect of informal mindfulness practice. Check out additional approaches to cultivate mindfulness through informal mindfulness practices.

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Good luck cultivating mindfulness. Let us know how you go.