Professional Development Courses

Mindfulness-based professional development programs are offered in-house and also publicly. Examples of the programs are detailed below.

Mindful Communication

Two heads of people with mechanisms, communication, gear

“First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.” Epictetus

Mindfulness is so much easier when practised alone! Add another person and the challenges multiply significantly. That is why deliberate cultivation of mindful communication is so important.

Mindful communication is intentional. It calls on social and emotional intelligence, engages the whole person, brings together spontaneity with thoughtfulness and is caring. Mindful communication requires awareness of intention to speak and listening with full attention. Mindfulness is developed through practice and enables us to move from reactivity to responsiveness in all areas of life.

Participants can register for Day 1 or both days.

Day 1 – Introduction to Mindful Communication

Day 2 – Deepening Mindful Communication

In this Professional Development program you will:

  • develop your mindfulness in interpersonal communication
  • increase your awareness of your communication patterns and habits
  • better understand your impact on others
  • identify hidden fears that can harm communication
  • practice a variety of communication processes in a safe and structured environment
  • cultivate the capacity to stay grounded and open in the midst of difficult communication
  • develop the capacity to stay grounded as you communicate
  • develop greater ease in silence
  • understand judgemental thought patterns and learn to speak and listen with greater openness and a non-judgemental orientation
  • explore the limiting effect of our conditioning and perceptions
  • bounce back from difficult communication and not take things so personally
  • take time to respect and care for yourself and others

Mind the Gap

Moving from ‘knowing what to do’ to ‘being able to do it’

With our associates we have pioneered the Professional Development Series – Mind the Gap

You’ve been to the workshops, read the books, got the knowledge and know how hard it is to implement all those good strategies. What’s getting in the way?

The Mind the Gap series of professional development workshops recognises that our capacity to be effective leaders, managers and workers starts from knowing ourselves – our minds, emotions and even our bodies.

Through developing our inner resources we bridge the gap between what we know (the theory) and what we can effectively do (the practice).

From Reactions to Responses

Dealing with challenging situations in the workplace calmly, effectively and with compassion


How many times have you:

  • avoided an issue, a colleague, a decision
  • almost had the courageous conversation with a colleague or person in your team
  • felt your attempts to resolve a situation lacked ease and grace
  • lost your cool and spoken angrily or harshly jeopardising a relationship
  • been unable to stop your voice shaking when presenting at a meeting
  • wasted your time and emotional energy complaining about people or situations rather than doing something about it

This workshop integrates Mindfulness, body practices, and an ontological coaching framework which enhances your awareness of self and your impact on others.

In this workshop you will:

  • Find your inner resources of calm, courage and confidence to address challenging situations
  • Respond more effectively to the issues and people that prevent you doing your job effectively
  • Develop emotional awareness to better manage your own and others’ emotions
  • Develop greater emotional balance to enable you to remain centred/ grounded in difficult situations
  • Clarify and build on your strengths to be more resourceful and resilient
  • Take time to respect and care for yourself and others

Facilitators: Anne Courtney and Kathryn Choules

Introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

The Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction (MBSR) program is the international benchmark for mindfulness based programs with 35 years of research behind it. This one-day introductory course inclues:

  • Overview of the neuroscience research into mindfulness
  • Range of mindfulness tools:
  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Informal mindfulness practices to use in daily life
  • Mindful body awareness exercises (gentle)
  • Group dialogue and reflection on how to enhance mindfulness in everyday life and at work
  • Mindful approaches to the experience of stress, pain, grief and anxiety.

Benefits associated with MBSR

  • reduced stress
  • tools for working with stressed clients and staff
  • improved problem solving ability
  • boosted concentration
  • decreased anxiety
  • increased clarity on work and life situations

Facilitators: Kathryn Choules

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