Mindfulness Training – Programs, Workshops, Personal sessions

Here - Mindfulness training There are many ways to develop your Mindfulness. Choosing the best fit for you includes considering what you are hoping to achieve, what time you have available to dedicate to the process and whether you prefer to go it alone or have the support of a group. Contact us now to have a conversation about how you can experience the benefits of mindfulness.


If you are a self-starter who prefers to work things out for yourself you might like to try these resources. Developing a regular formal and informal practice is the key to incorporating mindfulness into your life. Taking some personal mindfulness sessions can be very useful to provide guidance and clarify the inevitable questions that arise from formal mindfulness practice.


For many of us, a weekly class is very helpful to support our intention. If you are curious about mindfulness and interested in learning in a relaxed and friendly environment our Mindfulness – From the Inside Out program might be what you are looking for. This program is also good as a maintenance program. We have participants who attend each program offered as a way of sustaining their mindfulness practice.

A select group people reading this will have made the decision to make a major change in their lives and are ready to dedicate serious time and effort to cultivating mindfulness. The internationally acclaimed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program is the best option here. This is quite an intense program and requires a serious commitment before starting.


If you have seen the growing number of organisations, such as Google, the AFL and Herbert Smith Freehills that incorporate mindfulness at work, and are looking to bring some mindfulness training into your workplace, we suggest reviewing our information and getting in contact.


For schools we offer professional development for staff and in-class programs for students. Find out more.

Good luck in finding what you need.

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(Interested in the symbolism of the photo at the top? It is a reminder to notice where the mind is and to bring it into the “here and now.”)