Mood, Food and Mindfulness

Explore how to improve your physical and emotional health with ‘gut improving’ foods and mindfulness.

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Ever feel down and just don’t know why? Do you know the TYPE of food you eat, and HOW you eat, directly affects your physical and emotional well-being? Research shows a clear connection between the food you eat and the gut microbiome, your inner eco system that governs your mood. Spend an afternoon with Kathryn and Natalie, where they will show you how to improve your physical and emotional health with ’gut improving’ foods and mindfulness practice.


PART 1:  SATURDAY 13 MAY 1:00 – 4:00PM

  • Expert guidance and instruction in mindfulness practice
  • Mindful eating and the digestive phases
  • Learn about the gut brain connection & foods that improve mood
  • Delicious and nutritious afternoon tea – raw treats & organic teas
  • Resource booklet with information & strategies to further support you

PART 2:  SATURDAY 27 MAY 1:00 – 4:00PM

  • Delicious and nutritious Vegan soup bowl
  • Mindful eating practice and application of digestion phases
  • Make your own sauerkraut incl. fermenting jar (byo organic cabbage—800g)
  • Round table discussion exploring eating habits with tips and tech-niques to move to optimal health
  • Step by step ‘how to’ guide


Southcare Hall, Corner of Bickley Crescent and Pether Road, Manning.

Limited places available, book early to avoid disappointment


Part 1 & 2: $140 PART 1: $65 PART 2: $90




KATHRYN CHOULES (PhD) Kathryn teaches Mindfulness and other forms of meditation and is motivated to support people respond to the challenges of modern living. She is the only person in WA certified through the University of Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society offering mindfulness courses to the public. She is a member of the Meditation Association of Australia. (Contact Kathryn: 9468 9680, [email protected])

NATALIE WOODMAN A Nutritional Medicine and Gut Health Practitioner; Natalie is committed and very passionate about helping people live a healthy life with naturally-derived, nutrient dense plant-based foods. An author, radio presenter, newspaper and magazine contributor, Natalie is also a regular presenter, teaching people to the importance of maintaining their Gut Health. Natalie runs programs online and face-to-face from her clinic in South Perth She is member of Australian Natural Therapists Association and the Complimentary Medicine Practitioner Association Council.(Contact Natalie: [email protected])