Old friends and new

With gratitude to Bernadette Brady for capturing week of celebration for our Associate Anne Courtney

Gathered at a table,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We women of a certain age Have come together Through threads of circumstance and friendship

In each life of half a century or so there are tales words, wounds, paths taken-and not…

There have been moments of failure and fascination, of curiosity and insight

There has been change, and peace and conflict.

We bring them all, in our bags, our bodies, our journey to this place, to this delightful green island, where Gods gather to sing and play.

Perhaps we all seek different things; Yet in the space between talk and chatter, between play and prayer, it is the simple, common joy of things, of living, of celebrating years, that becomes as valuable and enduring as an emerald, sparkling in the sun.

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