Personal Mindfulness Sessions

Each of us has a unique life history and current life situation that requires a particular response. If you prefer to work individually with personalised support, attending a course may not be your scene.

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Hour-long personal Mindfulness sessions introduce you to the practice and approach of Mindfulness. As we work together, and get to know you, tailored support becomes more possible. A minimum of three sessions with daily home practice is recommended. Clients are offered a variety of formal mindfulness meditations and the recordings that they can use to practice these at home. In addition to mindfulness, these sessions can also incorporate self-compassion practices and other self-resourcing approaches to build resilience. Home practice will often also include informal practices, chosen in consultation with the client. 

Personal mindfulness sessions are held at our home office in Claremont or other mutually convenient location.


“Thank you so very much for yesterday [Personal Mindfulness Session]. I am very grateful. I had a residual feeling that stayed with me all day and helped me be a little more aware of what was happening with my mind. You are a very good teacher.”
Deb – CEO 

As part of our commitment to creating a fairer and more caring world the income earned from personal Mindfulness sessions is donated to a local or international charity.

“No one has ever become poor by giving” ~ Anne Frank