What participants say about Mind and Movement:

I currently refer certain clients to the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program offered by Kathryn Choules (PhD). In order to make a decision whether the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program would be a relevant program for my clients I personally attended the 8-week program. I found Kathryn professional, experienced, organised and dedicated. She displays a living, profoundly inspiring example of Mindfulness Practice. I appreciated the commitment she requests of participants and the expectations of each group member in her pre-program interview.

Kathryn was skilled in diffusing “content and emotion” to always bring each group member back to the mindfulness experience. Following my positive experience with the MBSR program I have been referring suitable clients to the course so that they can learn to practice a very important and valued technique to assist with stress, trauma and life balance. These have included those facing anxiety, depression, stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addiction and internal/work or relationship conflict.  (Nicole Loseby, BSc, BPsych, MAPS, Registered Psychologist, South Perth Counselling Services)

The MBSR has helped me learn to accept what life throws at you. Rather than let stress build up, I am able to take time out for myself. Kathryn was available and supportive throughout the course with e-mails and telephone calls when needed. I have greater calmness through understanding and accepting thoughts and feelings, without getting caught up in them. The course was worth it! I’d recommend it because it is tough and rewarding. Men need to do this more often. (Daniel, manufacturing)

A highly relevant course with useful and varied practices, coupled with theory, where Kathryn is exceptionally knowledgeable. I got a lot out of it. (Aaron, Finance)

I attended the MBSR course as a part of my training as a Mindfulness coach. Because I have been meditating on a regular basis for several years, I was not expecting to receive big insights on a personal level. I could not have been more wrong or surprised. Over the 8 weeks course I identified some beliefs that were limiting myself from living a more fulfilling life. I also started addressing old deep patterns in a completely different way; instead of being judgmental and trying to exert control over myself, I started to understand the reasons that led me to act in a certain way and could make changes through self-knowledge and conscious choices. Kathryn is a warm hearted and skilled facilitator. She creates a safe environment and I was amazed to see the transformation on the participants as we navigated together this 8 week journey. (Claudia, Mindfulness coach)

Through many weeks of practice and learning to be more present in the moment, I’ve been able to let go of a lot of anxiety, let the positive and negative just be and I’ve been able to appreciate the amazing journey that his life. (Kristie, Counsellor)

Mind and Movement WA has changed my life in a much needed positive direction. Learning about mindfulness techniques and utilising them have provided me with new coping tools for stressful changes in my life. When all other methods have had limited success (to assist me with symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome), I can attest to the fact that mindfulness has personally had positive results, given me the confidence to enjoy life and the courage to tackle new challenges and stresses.

The facilitator Kathryn creates such a warm, welcoming and safe environment whereby the importance of ‘no judgement’ is always encouraged and promoted. Witnessing and joining other attendees as they progressed from scepticism to loving kindness was rewarding in itself. (Michelle, public servant)

I have found Kathryn to be a skilled, professional and warm-hearted facilitator. The MBSR course has given me the tools to respond rather than simply react to emotional triggers. I have continued to practice the mindfulness meditations after the course and the changes in my life have been noticeable almost immediately, especially in the area of dealing with emotional situations. I am on my way to making mindfulness a way of life. I wholeheartedly recommend this course [MBSR] to anyone interested in mindfulness.  (K, PhD student)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the eight week MBSR course. It has gone far too quickly and I will miss the companionship of Kathryn and the other participants. The course has taught me how to relax and take the time to listen to my body and my mind and disappear into the moment. Kathryn has a wonderful soothing voice and her knowledge and expertise is exceptional. I leave the course feeling calmer and now have a clear idea of how I can continue to practice mindfulness in my everyday life. (Nicola)

I have attended several of Mind and Movement’s 8 week community classes (now called Mindfulness-From the Inside Out) in the past 5 years or so. I have found the combination of mindfulness/meditation and yoga provided over each 2 hour class highly beneficial and a helpful antidote to life’s stresses. Each class is usually divided into 2 sessions of mindfulness, between which there is one session of yoga. Kathryn guides the class through the mindfulness sessions in a calm and supportive manner, making clear that there is no “right” or “wrong” way for those taking part and that each person’s best efforts are all that is required.

In addition to the practical instruction, Kathryn will often give some commentary on the theoretical basis of mindfulness or some findings from recently published research on the subject. After the first session of mindfulness, Kathryn hands over to Tas, a qualified yoga instructor, who leads the class through the more physical part of the evening in a supportive and “at your own pace” way. The final session of mindfulness and relaxation is a welcome reward after the yoga. The Mindfulness-From the Inside Out classes are highly recommended for anyone interested in acquiring an introduction to mindfulness and yoga, and she provides more intensive courses for those who want to take things further. (Chris, Lawyer)

I can’t recommend the MBSR course enough. I’ve done some meditation on my own before but never had the opportunity to hear about what other people experience or the self-discipline to sit regularly for an extended period of time to establish a practice. Both of these things have helped me grow throughout the course. I feel more calm, peaceful and centred in myself, able to meet the challenges and joys of life with an open and aware presence. I will take this grounding where ever I go. (Laura, PhD student)

The MBSR course is like an antidote to the fast paced multitasking reality many of us seem to live. I have come away with a stronger sense of who I am and the way I want to be in the world. I believe that this has already positively impacted on not only myself but my relationship with family, friends. (Lara, psychologist)

I feel incredibly grateful to have met you [Kathryn Choules]. It has taken me four years to decide to do this course always finding an excuse because I thought it would be too hard. In fact it has been easier to do the practice than I expected because I was getting so much out of it and the weekly classes were so enjoyable but challenging at the same time. (Jane, CEO)

The value of the MBSR program has been in the weeks since completion. The daily practice established in the course makes mindfulness my new response to stressful or challenging situations – sometimes surprising me that I have focussed on my body and noticed the sensations and emotions before I’ve recognised the primary stressor. This leaves me feeling better able to cope with the situation. The safe environment that Kathryn creates in the group enabled me to fully focus on the meditations and body scans, to listen to her explanations and clearly understand their application for me. The one day silent retreat was a special day where the variety of meditations opened up my attitude to meditation further. I am very much looking forward to being able to attend a one day retreat again. (Peta, University professional staff)

In the past stress has been like a bush fire for m, spreading from work to home with ease. With the help of the MBSR, I have been able to put in some fire breaks and contain the stress more readily. (Martin, CEO)

I try to do this course every year as it enables me to cope better in my busy environment and nurture my mind. (Ali, Public Servant)

Kathryn held the space well – allowed for us to be, and I found that connecting to the self and body has been a positive experience for me. Like minded, yet diverse people gathering together made for a more meaningful experience. Great respect for MBSR. (Sandra, University professional staff)

The MBSR has enabled me to take time to get to know myself with an open mind and offer myself compassion and care through a variety of practices and challenges. I was nervous at first but quickly became part of a safe and trusting community thanks to a wonderful instructor. (Lisa, Academic)

This course has helped me to be more aware of my thoughts and emotions rather than getting caught up in them. I learnt a variety of interesting meditation techniques. More than expected. I highly recommend this course. Thank you. (Julian, Information Management)

Thank you Kathryn for your guidance and knowledge that you have shared during the last 8 weeks. I have found this course to be everything plus more. The tools you have given me to know that it is ok to put myself first is the most important thing one can do to live a healthy life both mentally and physically. Thanks again! (Julie, all rounder)

I came to the course because I realised I needed some new skills to deal with life and respond in ways that were more useful for me. I believe I have learnt the foundations of a really powerful tool to bring peace and serenity to my life and those around me. I know that it is the beginning but I have been given the desire to commit to practise. Kathryn is a generous and skilful teacher and supported me along a path which at times was difficult. She has the ability to support at just the appropriate time and manner. (Susan, Parent Coach)

I have found repeating the MBSR has been a very worthwhile experience. In particular, remembering that it is possible to create that gap between stimulus and reaction – and then managing the reaction – has been very useful. I have also been watchful for that in others. (Christine, Manager)

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course has helped me immensely with handling stress, my response to it, and learning how to look at it, examine, and move forward. It’s given me a sense of calm in knowing it is ME who has the ultimate control (or decision making ability) to be proactive in my responses to the world and people in it. (Natalie, Nutritionist/Naturopath)

Having done some individual sessions with Kathryn on using a mindfulness approach to my feelings of depression and anxiety, I decided to enrol in the 5-week intensive MBSR course. And I’m very glad that I did! I am now feeling hopeful, rather than helpless, about my ability to move towards a healthier mental, emotional and physical state. Through the individual sessions and MBSR course, I’ve acquired a range of proven, practical meditation skills to use on my journey to wellness and beyond. Just as importantly, I am starting to understand and accept myself and to firmly but kindly quieten the inner critic. I learned so much from interacting with the others on the course who generously shared their experiences, struggles, and insights. And we also had a lot of fun! Kathryn created a comfortable, stimulating and safe learning environment. She is a truly wonderful teacher – knowledgeable and experienced in Mindfulness; well organised and resourced; and, wise, caring, compassionate and patient. I highly recommend the MBSR program. (Jennifer, PhD, Educator)

This course [MBSR] changed my life in an amazing positive way. I have reduced stress at work and at home. I think more clearly. I am being less reactive, focus on positive aspects of life and have learnt more this third time completing the course. I’d love to continue. (Siobhan, Health Professional)

The MBSR course has increased my self-awareness and improved my ability to recognise and regulate emotions. It has allowed me to explore and discover my body, my life and my brain through a different lens. It is challenging and rewarding, yet comforting knowing I’m ‘home’. (Matilda, Secondary Teacher)

The MBSR has developed in me ‘kindfulness’ – that is less judgement towards myself. This has allowed me to sit with uncomfortable, unpleasant emotions, sensations and thoughts. The course has presented a safe, nurturing environment to develop mindfulness skills. Thank you Kathryn for this important learning opportunity. (Andrea, Health Promotion Officer)

MBSR has given me tools that I can use in good and bad times to help manage my stress and insomnia. Kathryn is incredibly skilful in working with you individually and within the group to create a safe, trusting environment to experiment and practice. (Jodie, Snr Change Manager, Finance)


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