Guided Mindfulness Practices (YBC)

teenager on rock meditating

Mindfulness practices – recordings

If you feel that you are getting more upset doing a mindfulness practice, it might be a better option to:

  • do some art
  • listen to some music
  • go outside
  • do some exercise
  • kick a ball
  • listen to the sounds around you
  • connect with trusted friends
  • spend time in nature

Grounding through the senses (4.47 mins)

When you feel upset or are worrying a lot, focusing on your thoughts is not always helpful. Bringing attention to what you can see, hear, and touch can be a useful way to settle down. Practising “grounding” when you are feeling calm means that you know what to do if you start feeling overwhelmed. This practice is a great place to start because when we are upset, it is sometimes not helpful to focus on the body or breath.

Grounding through the senses

Counting the breath (4.01 mins)

Learning to keep your attention focused and stable is a really important skill in life. This practice helps train attention and strengthen your mental muscle by counting each breath.

Counting the breath

Mindfulness practices – student leading

Mindfulness bell with silence – Female student leading (5.32 mins)

Shifting our attention deliberately from one focus to another is a useful skill. In this practice we will be moving attention between the sound of a bell and the sensations of breathing.

Mindfulness bell

Reflecting on learning and growing – Male student leading (5.01 mins)

Thinking about what you’ve learnt over your lifetime helps you to see yourself as someone capable of learning. Learning isn’t always easy and remembering your strengths can help you to keep going when things seem difficult.

Reflecting on learning and growing

ABC for self-calming – Male student leading (2.14 mins)

This practice helps you understand and regulate emotions.

ABC for self-calming

Just like you – Male student leading (4.09 mins)

This practice helps us remember that we have lots in common with other people.

Just like you

Guided meditations for well-being

Interconnection (5.16 mins)

This practice reminds us of our connection to other people and to nature. Remembering the ways in which we cooperate and work together can help us feel supported.


Kindness (6.09 mins) We all need kindness to survive and thrive. Developing our kindness helps us to be a good friend and family member… and it feels good!


Remembering the good (6.17 mins)

Our mind is quick to focus on “bad” things, so by remembering good things we can balance out this habit. That can help us to feel good.

Remembering the good