Kids like me (YBC)

teenagers skateboarding at beach

The young people in these podcasts are just like you in many ways. They have hopes and dream, hardships and good times.

As you listen to each podcast, imagine what it would be like to be the person telling their story. Often, they tell a story about a challenge that they had to meet.

After you listen to each podcast, think about what strengths the person had to call on to meet the challenge. When have you had to call on that strength? Are there ways you could build that strength? You might have different strengths that get you through challenges. It is good to remember your strengths.

Chloe Parker (2:29  mins)

Raymond Binsiar (2:31  mins)

Jessica Spoor (2:54  mins)

Nakita Jager (2:58  mins)

Alexander Rajagopalan (2:38  mins)

Biftu Reggasa (2:13  mins)

Ivan Reyes (2:57  mins)

Janaya Hennesy (3:15  mins)

Sam Watson (2:42 mins)

Anthony Nish (3:28  mins)