Mindful Movement (YBC)

giraffe stretching

Mindful movement can help keep you strong, fit and flexible. It also helps train the mind. By noticing what happens as we move, we can develop flexibility of attention and become more self-aware.

IMPORTANT: If any of the movements feel unsafe, then you may choose to just watch and not participate for that section, or find a way to adjust the movement so that it feels safe for your body. 

Before you start any movement video, tune-in to the body. Notice the feeling of your feet on the floor and the position of your body.

As you do the movements, notice the changes in your body sensations, breathing and body temperature.

After the movement, notice how the body feels when you stop. What if anything has changed? How do you feel?


The first video is a good one to start with as it takes the movements step by step so that you can follow them easily.

Check out these movement animations.

This bloke at the beach has some great energisers. See what you think.

When you’ve had a bit of practice with the other movement videos try this one. If you are unsure about any of the movements, please take things carefully. Feel free to watch and not participate, or to adjust any movements that feel unsafe for your body.

And to put a smile on your face as you do some mindful movement check this out