Mindfulness through Video (YBC)

youtube on computer

Developing mindfulness through video is different to simply watching for fun.

Watching things on a screen can turn us into a zombie. As we get caught up in the drama, the emotional part of the brain reacts to the thrill, the suspense, the terror, the excitement and the passion. The part of the brain that is able to respond thoughtfully and with awareness takes a holiday.

As you watch a video mindfully, the challenge is to see if you can watch without zoning out or getting caught up in the images/sounds.

  • Can you watch with some of your attention on what is happening inside you?
  • Can you keep some of your attention on the changes in feelings, thoughts, reactions, impulses and sensations that might happen?

After watching, you may also like to think about these questions:

  • What videos do you watch to when you need to calm down?
  • What videos give you energy when you need a bit of motivation?
  • How do you use videos to help you respond to challenging situations?